fitt's law



This site is new. Not yet complete. Empty at places. Or I got little to say. Go figure.


Once let loose they make mischievous remarks about the fabric of time. Not much in the sense of the universe but enough to get under anyone's skin with a rusty spatular. Trying to tie down a single one is like ringing the Peoples Republic of China to order food. You never seem to get the right one on the line..


No kangaroos were harmed in the making of this site. Whilst every attempt was made to maim at least a couple of badgers, every attempt was also very futile. Badgers are no otters. And that makes for long waiting at the shelter. For soup.


The abominable snow monster of Argleborrow has eaten my conscience. Through a strange anatomic twist it has also sneezed it straight out again, and it is now lying on the trampoline in the garden to dry. The conscience that is, not the snow monster. The snow monster was last seen debating with a local police officer after it had been stopped for speeding. My assumption is that it was the recoil from the sneeze as it was still facing our house which is pretty much orthogonal to the way of traffic on that particular road. Shame it has not yet sneezed out said officer, which came to a quick and unfortunate demise after explaining the finer details of the points system of the British traffic act. I would love to ask him what other insightful knowledge was exchanged. Will my conscience dry in time for guilt? Do policemen taste of doughnuts? Is a snow sneeze similar to a snooze?


There is much little else to be said, all information is superfluous, all communication redundant and the void of knowledge disappears in the wake of a single double-digit number. What else? You said it. Timeless.


To a dyslexic person, chestnuts are simply misplaced tentacles...







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